Texas LNG Summary

Texas LNG Schematic

Texas LNG is a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility to be constructed at the Port of Brownsville in Brownsville, South Texas, close to the US – Mexico border and the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico.

Texas LNG’s 625+ acre site is strategically located on the Port of Brownsville's deepwater ship channel. Texas LNG will have a permitted capacity to produce 4 MTA (million tonnes per annum) Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).  The project will have two trains using the standard Air Products liquefaction technology producing 2 MTA each.

Texas LNG will export LNG to global LNG markets. Texas LNG has received its Department of Energy authorization to export to both FTA and non-FTA markets.

Preliminary engineering (pre-FEED) was completed in October 2014 and detailed engineering (FEED) commenced in November 2014 and completed during 1Q 2016.  Detailed Engineering will commence in late 2020.

All FERC prefiling draft Resource Reports were submitted by November 2015 and FERC formal application phase began in March 2016. FERC issued the Schedule for Environmental Review (“SER”) in August 2018. The Final Environmental Impact Statement was issued in March 2019. Texas LNG received its FERC authorization in November 2019.

Texas LNG plans to reach Final Investment Decision (FID) in 2022, contingent on many factors such as completing the required commercial agreements, securing all necessary permits and approvals, obtaining financing and incentives, and other factors associated with commercial viability of the investment. Construction will begin after FID and first LNG exports commencing in 2025/2026 (Phase 1). Phase 2 exports expected to commence soon thereafter.  

Texas LNG is one of the few LNG export projects with access to the prolific Permian basin gas.  The price differential between Permian gas and other US Hubs, such as Henry Hub in Louisiana, is significant, resulting in substantial cost savings for Texas LNG customers.

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